Property Geology and Mineralization

  • Early stage exploration has identified more than 50 carbonatite dikes in the Sheep Creek exploration area.
  • The carbonatites range from 1 foot to 10 feet wide and can be followed for more than 1,000 feet along strike
  • Vertical extent is at least 150 feet as established by adits developed during exploration for niobium; dikes are exposed through an elevation range greater than 1,500 feet property-wide.
  • Mineralization is LREE enriched with up to 5 % Lanthanum, 6% Cerium, 1.5 % Neodymium, and 0.6 % Praesodymium.
  • Important ore minerals include ancylite, allanite, low-thorium monazite, and columbite.
  • In addition to neodymium and prasedymium, the properties contain lanthanum, cerium, europium, gallium, niobium, yttrium, scandium, dysprosium, strontium, and  gadolinium.