Milestones To-Date

Milestones and achievements characterize US Critical Material’s journey: In the last year, we have experienced several successful findings, a steady flow of innovations, and expansions through organic growth. The following timeline affirms our successes within a very short time frame. These are vital checkpoints as they identify breakthroughs that we are very proud of.

December 2023
INL and US Critical Materials are partnership
Idaho National Laboratory and US Critical Materials Sign Agreement to Develop New Rare Earth Processing Methods

INL and US Critical Materials are partnering to advance rare earth element separation technologies in the U.S., focusing on developing solutions to address the environmental issues related to mining and processing. 

The increased need for rare earth elements makes finding effective, efficient and environmentally safe methods for mining and recycling them even more vital.

November 2023
INL Agreement
USCM is working with INL scientists to develop cutting- edge tech for the separation of rare earths and other critical minerals.
Expanding into a critical segment of America’s rare earths supply chain, US Critical Materials Corp. is working with Idaho National Laboratory to develop new technologies to separate this suite of notoriously tightly interlocked technology elements. While the United States has no shortage of potential domestic rare earth supplies, and even has one producing mine in California, there are currently no commercial REE separation facilities in North America. China, which has dominated the processing and separation of rare earths for decades, continues to account for about 85% of global capacity. With electric vehicles, wind energy, and high-tech devices creating enormous new demand for rare earth elements, there has been an increased push to develop REE separation capacity in the U.S.
October 2023
Geophysical Survey Report
Airborne Geophysical Survey Report
This report describes the high-resolution helicopter-borne magnetic and radiometric survey completed by Precision GeoSurveys Inc. at the Sheep Creek survey area for US Critical Materials Corp. The Sheep Creek survey area straddles the Montana – Idaho state border. It was flown from June 2 to June 5, 2023.
January 2023
Press Release
US Critical Materials Announces The Highest-Grade Rare-Earth Deposit In The United States

US Critical Materials has nearly nine percent, 9 % TREO (89,932ppm), far ahead of any other domestic rare earth resource. The deposit also has readings of 2.4% (23,810ppm) combined neodymium and praseodymium, which are both essential for the green economy. US Critical Materials has recently confirmed carbonatite mineralization at depth, below high-grade surface samples of 17.05% TREO and 16.44% TREO. The Sheep Creek, Montana, property under claim by US Critical Materials totals seven (7) square miles.

October - November 2022
Significant Mineralization

One characteristic that sets Sheep Creek apart from most other rare earths projects in the U.S. is the fact that significant mineralization has been accessed and sampled underground via pre-existing mine workings.

US Critical Materials has recently confirmed mineralization at depth below high-grade surface samples of 17.04 % TREO and 16.44% TREO.  Based on the presence of mineralization at depth, the technical team intends to focus exploration efforts on these promising zones. Two of three historic adits, Adit #3 and Adit #1, have been successfully opened and sampled Rare earth samples taken from 125 feet  below ground in the adits confirm over 10% (100,000 ppm) of total rare earth oxides, (TREO) including high levels of neodymium and praseodymium. These rare earth readings far exceed any other domestic rare earth resource. The results included channel samples from 2 underground adits (tunnels) that were unsealed in October 2022 and sampled in November 2022. These adits are dug up to 400 feet horizontally and are 125 feet below the surface. The analytical results were obtained from Activation Labs, Ancaster, Canada. Results from opening, mapping, and sampling of the underground workings will support the filing of a Plan of Operation with the U.S. Forest Service for summer 2023 drilling.

US Critical Materials